The Making of Delphus Chat: Matrix, Ethereum, & End-to-End Encryption

Delphus, our secure, decentralized research manager, just got a very important new feature: end-to-end encrypted and federated chat, voice, and video calls, powered by Matrix and Riot. Here’s how we built it. Why Matrix? End-to-end encryption is necessary for our private researcher-participant communications, where sensitive information is often exchanged. This made Matrix, one of the Continue Reading

Groundbreaking, Seamless Dai Integration in Existing DApps

Price volatility is the Achilles’ heel of a distributed application, or DApp for short. Nobody wants to deposit funds when Ether dipped 30% in the last month. And, while stablecoins like Dai can solve this issue, they have notoriously poor documentation, as we mentioned in our previous post. Furthermore, most existing DApps are already designed Continue Reading